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  • Luxury Barista Wood & Natural Bristle Coffee Cleaning Brush Straight Handle
  • Luxury Barista Wood & Natural Bristle Coffee Cleaning Brushes
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  • Luxury Barista Angled Brush For Coffee Grinder Cleaning And Brushing Hard To Reach Coffee Machine Spots To Clean
  • Natural Boar Bristle Brush With Walnut Wood Handle Luxury Barista Coffee Brushes For Cleaning Coffee Grinders And Other Brew Accessories
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Luxury Barista Wood & Natural Bristle Coffee Cleaning Brushes

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In luxury barista style, make everyday maintenance and clean up easier with coffee cleaning brushes designed to reach all those hard to clean spots of your countertop appliances. Warm toned walnut wood, stainless steel, natural boar hair bristles, and a leather loop make these small kitchen brushes a thing of simple beauty.

Walnut wood is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly, renewable resource. Whether you start the morning grinding coffee beans or pulling espresso shots, these natural bristle brushes with ergonomic wooden handles are designed to making clean up more enjoyable and luxurious. A practical coffee bar accessory—the luxury barista wood and natural bristle coffee cleaning brushes are a chic choice for cleaning the coffee grinder, espresso machine, countertop, or other brew gear.

You choose, grab a straight handle brush, angled handle brush, or a set of two brushes that includes one of each style, so you can always sweep and brush clean the crevices of those hard to reach coffee machines. Adding a bit of rich decor to your kitchen coffee station, these walnut, stainless steel, and natural bristle brushes are putting luxury into your home barista brew routine!

  • Walnut Wood & Natural Bristle Coffee Brushes
  • Available in three options: Straight Brush, Angled Brush, or Two Piece Set with One of Each Brushes
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Straight Handle Brush Size: Approx. 8" Length; 0.7" Width
  • Angled Handle Brush Size: Approx. 7" Length; 0.7" Width
  • When needed rinse clean
  • Bristle color tone will vary
  • Wood grain and color tone will vary

Product packaging may vary. In-stock items may take 10-20 business days to arrive.

Customer Reviews

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Florian McMillstein
Home coffee bar accessories worth having.

Quality brushes. I’m glad to have ordered both since the angled one does really super getting the hard to reach places in the burr grinder and the other brush is ideal for everyday cleanup around the coffee station. Nice addition to our home coffee bar.