Wouldn't it be great if all food was clean and wholesome?

It starts with two people living in a food desert. Local stores were limited and lacked variety, so we needed a way to affordably bring good food to us. At one point we discovered freeze-dried superfood powders. They were flavorful and easy to use. Along the way we learned a lot of truth about common food additives, less common, but sneaky food additives, and worrisome preservatives none of us should be consuming.

We were suddenly awakened to the nasty ingredients hiding in every product we would pick up off a store shelf or buy online. Shopping took longer since now we knew each ingredient label needed to be examined and deciphered.

We thought, "Wouldn't it be nice to shop with a store where you didn't ever have to check labels? How stress free that would be!"

Our goal is to carefully curate real clean food and amazing superfood ingredients in a convenient way for everyone who wants to enjoy them. Terra Powders was born! Beginning with our very own curated recipe formulations using naturally delicious, organic freeze-dried fruits, berries, and healthy roots (like ginger and turmeric). These became Golden Cocoa, our healthy hot chocolate, and Dragon Berry, our bright smoothie blend.

Because of our foodie focus and love for making our meals from real food ingredients—cooking from scratch and using new tools and methods all the time—we began sharing some of our favorite kitchen tools too. Real wood utensils for a plastic free life, reusable coffee filters resulting in less waste, quality ceramics for serveware with style, and functional décor that fills a home with organic inspiration to fuel any home chef!

Terra Powders—our Clean Food Power market—is an online store where we’re proudly powered by clean food. You don't need to worry about hidden ingredients on the labels when you shop here. We're all about must haves that make eating healthy easy and more fun than ever!

Let out that sigh of relief—this is a safe food place—and enjoy our delicious selection of good for you foods and practical items for your home and lifestyle.