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  • Lotus Foods Organic White Jasmine Rice Heat & Eat Pouch 8oz
  • Lotus Heat And Eat White Jasmine Rice Pouches
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Lotus Foods Organic White Jasmine Rice Heat & Eat Pouch 8oz

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Exceptional rice just got even easier! Grown on family farms, this organic white jasmine rice is soft, rich, and naturally floral. The heirloom grains cook up quickly with a lovely aroma. If you want to microwave, they cook in 90 seconds. If you stay away from microwave cooking for health reasons, simply pour a teaspoon or two of hot water right into the heat and eat white rice pouch, then stir to enjoy.

It's all about a love story...a love story for rice. After tasting black rice during travels in China and learning it was called "longevity rice" usually reserved for Chinese Emperors to ensure their good health and long life—goals were set—to do the rice thing and make rice more sustainable. Now, Lotus Foods is changing how the world grows rice! Promoting organic agriculture, rice biodiversity, fair trade practices, and More Crop Per Drop. It's important since half the world’s population depends on rice, rice is life.

Very vegan and gluten free, Lotus Foods Heat & Eat organic white jasmine rice pouches put an easy dinner on the table in no time! Ready in seconds, enjoy precooked rice for family dinners and side dishes along with your favorite proteins or vegetables. Lotus white jasmine rice pouch is superb in stir fry's, curry recipes, rice pilaf, sprinkled in salads and soups, or as a simple, satisfying side dish all on its own.

  • Organic
  • Single Ingredient
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • No Preservatives
  • Fair Trade and Sustainably Sourced

INGREDIENTS: Organic White Jasmine Rice, Water.

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Customer Reviews

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Sebastiann R

Delicious, so easy to make, great taste and fluffy texture!!