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  • Jim's Organic Coffee Blend X AKA Witches Brew Whole Bean 11oz
  • Jim's Certified Organic Coffee Brewing Tips Blend X Witches Brew Whole Bean
  • Organic Coffee Grown With Patience From Farm To Roast To Brew Jim's Organic Blend X Witches Brew Very Dark Coffee
  • We All Love Coffee Jim's Notes On Witches Brew Blend X Bag
  • Yellow Coffee Mug Outdoors In Mountain Fog
  • Holding Hot Mug Of Organic Witches Brew Blend X Coffee In Front Of Campfire
  • Woman's Hand With White Nails Holding White Metal Camp Mug Of Coffee With Cocoa Outdoors In Front Of Greenery
  • Jim's Organic Witches' Brew Whole Bean Blend X Coffee Is Artisan Roasted
  • USDA Certified Organic Blend X Witches Brew Coffee Jim's Brand
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Jim's Organic Coffee Blend X AKA Witches Brew Whole Bean 11oz

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Coffee is a ritual for many of us. Whether you brew a pot in the morning for caffeine to conjure up needed energy for the day ahead, drink some to power you through the afternoon's craziness, or perhaps even sip in the evening moonbeams as you wrap up the day—this very dark roast is crafty on many levels.

What began as a customized one-of-a-kind blend for a customer, Jim's originally named this coffee "Witches Brew" due to the hodgepodge of dark roasts that are here combined. Internally though, they were calling it "Blend X", hence the now full official name of this really dark and intense coffee.

What are the taste results? Bold, rich, deep, and strong. Let's just say this is the one for dark roast coffee fanatics. From the organic farmer growing flavorful beans, to the artisan roaster ensuring each batch hits the perfect roast notes, to you—happily at home, brewing the perfect cup every time, and savoring each delightful sip.

  • Very Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee
  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • No Artificial Flavors
  • Fair Trade and Sustainably Sourced

INGREDIENTS: Organic Whole Bean Coffee.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Abbs Toreanova

Another great organic dark roast coffee!

Candice Smyth
Darkest brew ever!