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Beeswax Wrap Single Roll - Multiple Prints

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A sustainable lifestyle is all the buzz, and for good reason! Good food comes from nature, so why wouldn't we use a responsibly sourced, all natural product for our food storage?! Inspired by bees, beeswax wrap is a simple solution to plastic pollution.

What is bee's wrap? A healthy, plastic free alternative for food storage—made with cotton, tree resin, jojoba plant oil, and beeswax of course—this biodegradable food wrap offers a more sustainable way to store leftovers.

How do you use bee's wax wraps? Simply use the warmth of your hands to shape the wrap around your food or food dishes. Within seconds the wrap cools, and creates a protective seal. Bee's wax coated cotton cloth can be rinsed as needed or washed in cold water with a natural, mild dish soap. Simply air dry.

With a variety of cute, stylish, and fun foodie prints to choose from—grab your scissors and trim the size you need. Cut some to wrap a sandwich, cover a casserole, pack some snacks, or create a no mess play or workspace. A true kitchen essential, practical housewarming or hostess gift, and even great for camping, it's eco-conscious, clean food storage you can feel good about!

  • Beeswax Coated Cotton Cloth Food Wrap
  • Beeswax Wrap in 11.8" x 39" Roll
  • Rinse clean, drip dry, reuse
  • Avoid hot water and exposure to heat
  • Sustainable, Washable, Eco-friendly
  • 100% Biodegradable and Compostable

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Less plastic life must have.

Can’t wait to get a few more prints. Love this stuff as a replacement to Saran Wrap.