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Ward Off Winter Blues

The days get shorter, the weather a bit greyer, and the temperatures a whole lot colder. Wintertime can leave many of us longing to stay indoors—curled up with a blanket and our favorite comfort foods.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying some “hygge” time. In fact, it’s no wonder the term comes from a Danish and Norwegian word referring to a mood of comfortability and coziness.

Woman Enjoying Organic Cocoa And Spice Topped Hot Beverage From Terra Powders At Home During Winter

While we all sometimes have days we just want to stay home, cozy by the fireside, unfortunately seasonal depression is a real thing for many. Millions of Americans have what is called seasonal affective disorder.

Also known as SAD, this seasonal mood condition is a very real type of depression that partially occurs due to winter's shorter days and lack of sunlight. It can disrupt our circadian rhythm or the body’s internal clock. What can help us naturally beat the winter blues?

Four Ways To Increase Happiness Naturally

  1. Get Outdoors More - Yes, while it may seem like the last thing you want to do when you’re feeling blah, making sure you spend time outside each day—even though you’ve got to bundle up in layers—offers a lot of benefits for both mind and body. Even on a mostly cloudy day, you get natural light. That combined with being in nature (even for just a few minutes), can improve your mood.
  2. Curl Up With Hot Drinks - Hot chocolate has been known to elevate mood. Besides a mug of chocolaty goodness though, try some hot teas. Herbal varieties offer micronutrients and healthful immune boosting ingredients that can comfort and soothe.
  3. Have Houseplants - Gardening is linked to health and wellbeing. While snow and ice may not be the season for enjoying outdoor plants, you can still gain great benefits from caring for indoor varieties. Even just the simple task of tending to a succulent or watering a peace lily could lift your mood a bit.
  4. Eat Good Food - There’s a happy phrase that says: “good food, good mood”. While comfort foods provide a level of instant gratification, it’s important to ensure the ingredients in the comfort foods we’re choosing are clean and sustaining.

When you’re already feeling down, consuming artificial ingredients and heavily processed sweeteners are only going to leave your body working harder to digest all the junk. Instead, choose real food! There’s so many snacks and easy meals that fit the “comfort food” list of favorites.

A Few Mood Boosting Favorites Full Of Clean Food Power

While our market is full of only 100% natural, clean foods. Here’s a few of our team’s personal favorites for beating seasonal blues with good food…

  • Chocolate - Most people love chocolate. We have organic, non-dairy, vegan chocolate bars with no sugar added. Talk about a true chocolate fix! Munching on chocolate covered nuts and goldenberries is also a great way to get antioxidants.
  • Mac & Cheese - Mmm, a hot bowl of dreamy, creamy macaroni and cheese. Our gluten free, vegan version is easy to make and has no dairy and no artificial colors!

Creamy Chickapea Vegan Mac And Cheese From Terra Powders

  • Hot Bread - Craving carbs? Make them good ones. Organic, artisanal breads that are ready to bake in just a few minutes means slicing up hot, delicious fresh bread that's easy and quick!
  • Creamy Drinks - From chai lattes to peppermint mochas, creamy drinks have smiles written all over them! If you choose collagen peptides, they're good for your skin; and if you want a vegan option, our plant based superfood creamers definitely do the trick.
  • Cookies - Need cookies, stat? When we find ourselves in that predicament, it’s time to reach for a bag of small batch, paleo and keto friendly, gluten free coconut cookies. They’re made with only organic, real food ingredients you recognize, so you can nourish your body—even if you are eating a treat.

Seasons Change, Moods Do Too

The days may be short and seem to drag on and on during the cold wintery months, but try to remember that soon spring will arrive once again! The sun will shine brighter, temperatures will warm, flowers will blossom, and smiles will come more easily. Know you’re not alone as you ward off the winter blues in these powerful clean food, delicious, and healthy bright ways!


I e really been enjoying the herbal teas. Thank you. I’ve kind of turned it into my own little mindful moment….scooping out the loose leaf, steeping….it helps

Caroline g

Thanks so much. Good ideas


thanks for the good ideas and reminders. i like how you point out chocolate can be helpful ;-)


Collagen peptides has been great for managing winter skin. Glad to see you point that out here. I’m impressed with the results of just having a scoop a day and hope more people battling winter dryness and such give it a go.


I just watched your video on this again on YouTube. The points are quite practical. I’m making more effort to get outside daily for little walks


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