Terra Powders Healthy Summertime Top Five Picks Full Of Clean Food Power

Top 5 Summer Picks

Whether you live by the beach or just dream of spending sunny days on the shore, summertime is meant to be enjoyed. Days are long and sometimes lazy. Other times they’re packed with adventures—from new hiking trails and camping trips to summer sports and pool parties.

Food should be easy, fresh, and delicious. Maybe you’re sipping your coffee on the patio as you plan what’s cooking on the grill that evening, or maybe you’re taking the road trip you’ve been dreaming of for so long. Whatever your summer break includes, it’s pretty sure to involve some food and you might as well make it awesome. 😎 We’re sharing five favorite foods for summer that are full of clean food power for a healthy, happy season!

Terra Powders Top 5 Summer Picks

In this list you’ll find yummy stuff to wrap, squeeze, brew, crunch, and sprinkle...

#5 - Every Body Eat Cracker Snack Thins

Allergen Friendly Fiery Chili Lime Every Body Eat Crackers

Crisp and clean cracker thins made with only pronounceable, whole food ingredients! Handcrafted in small batches, Every Body Eat satisfies snack cravings in a very allergen friendly way—no corn, no gluten, no dairy. Available in several different clean ingredient flavors, we’re choosing fiery chili lime for this summer snack pick. So get the party started! Add them to charcuterie boards, take them on road trips, and definitely snack at the beach.

#4 - Laird Superfood Organic Peruvian Coffee

Organic Laird Superfood Coffee

It’s iced coffee season and what better beans to brew it up with than big wave surfer Laird Hamilton’s Peruvian pick. Organically grown at a high altitude of over 4,000 feet, this slow roasted coffee has rich and incredibly complex taste. Most of our team favors the whole bean darker roast, but you choose—dark or medium, whole beans or ground. Laird Superfood Coffee is ready to inspire a gnarly iced mocha creation like never before!

#3 - Eaton Hemp Organic Hemp Hearts

Organic Eaton Hemp Hearts

We love superfoods and it doesn’t get any simpler to add plant power to your salads and smoothie bowls than sprinkling on some hemp hearts! Rich in omega-3's, heart healthy, extremely high in complete protein, and containing 20 amino acids, it’s a naturally nutty and buttery tasting addition to your summer meals. Eaton Hemp grows organically and sustainably in obsessively clean USA soil—including toasted superseeds for snacking by the handful. Keto, paleo, and gluten free, choose your favorite clean flavors and enjoy crunchy munching by the pool or evening campfire.

#2 - Noka Organic Superfood Smoothie Pouches

Noka Organic Smoothie Pouches

Afraid to miss a single moment of sunny weather while you’re indoors blending up a smoothie? Fear no more! Mood boosting Noka smoothies are the perfect on-the-go answer. With zero added sugar and no refrigeration required, these convenient, refreshing, and nutrient dense smoothies are like biting into a piece of fresh fruit bursting with flavor. Strawberry pineapple is our berry good tropical pick for the season. Post workout or pre-surf session, grab your new favorite squeeze and enjoy dairy free smoothie goodness wherever you go!

#1 - NUCO Organic Coconut Wraps

Gluten Free NUCO Coconut Wraps

These have been a best selling favorite for awhile now, but what better season than summertime to enjoy tropical coconut and the ease of healthy eating in a wrap?! Whether you’re vegan and loading your tropical tortilla with a colorful array of veggies or instead looking to put some protein dense seafood into your lunch, NUCO wraps are a versatile canvas waiting for your custom creation. From breakfast to dinner, and even dessert—gluten free, paleo, keto, and Whole30 friendly, these pliable and easy to roll organic coconut wraps put a light and healthy meal on the table in minutes.

These five tasty goods don’t even include the stylish summer tumblers, boho bowls to complete the perfect summer tablescape, and clean ingredient marinades and barbecue sauces that’ll have you cooking out back with the confidence of a rockstar.

It was hard to pick just five, so here’s our entire summer collection for you to peruse. Which ones have you already tried? Let us know in the comments below and as you take clean snacks with you on your summer adventures, send us a shout on IG with #cleanfoodpower 🏄‍♀️

Now back outdoors to enjoy more summer moments!


Just used hemp hearts on salads this afternoon. Definitely a favorite in our house, so we can see why they made the summer pick list!


Great ideas! I want to try them all🤩

Meg Y

Definitely want to try the surf coffee this summer. So far I’ve been focused on bubble teas😄 I have to say those smoothies sound good too.

Ponderay Adams

I 💕 ❤️ love summer!


Yes-those coconut wraps are amazing for packed lunches at the beach!

Izzy Clarke

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