Terra Powders Refreshing Basil Lemon Ginger Spa Water Recipe With Summer Fresh Clean Food Ingredients

Refreshing Basil Lemon Ginger Spa Water

A Slovakian Proverb states “Pure water is the world's first and foremost medicine.” Even more so when you power that up with real food additions that add vital nutrients.

Terra Powders Clean Food Power Drink Recipe Using Fresh Herbs Ginger Root Honey And Lemon Juice

This sparklingly clean beverage recipe has been a favorite of ours for many years. It’s easy to make, very customizable, and extremely diet friendly. We call it spa water, others may refer to it as agua fresca (though our version is less sweet with no overly processed sugar added). Call it what you wish, either way every sip is bursting with mouthwatering taste and lots of rejuvenating vitamins and minerals.

Refreshing Basil Lemon Ginger Spa Water Recipe


Boiling Water
Fresh Ginger Root
Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice
Fresh Basil Leaves (we use Genovese, lemon, or lime basil varieties)
Sweetener Of Choice (we typically reach for honey—agave syrup, maple syrup, or date syrup are great choices too)

    Terra Powders Clean Food Power Original Recipe Photo Basil Lemon Ginger Spa Water Drink


    1. Combine chunks of fresh peeled ginger root and basil leaves in a large pitcher. If using a sweetener, drizzle a bit in, and add the fresh squeezed lemon juice.
    2. Pour boiling water in the pitcher and “muddle” ingredients with a wooden spoon. This brings out the fresh flavors from the herb leaves and pieces of ginger root.
    3. When liquid is reaching room temp, strain if desired, and refrigerate until ready to sip and enjoy.
    4. Pour into your favorite glass, and garnish as you please.

    It’s that simple! Some additional refreshing inspiration you may like for creating your own customized spa water delight could include other garden fresh herbs, such as rosemary or mint leaves. Instead of lemon juice (or in addition to) you can use other fresh squeezed citrus choices. Garnishes can be anything from lemon wedges and lime wheels to slinky cucumber curls and vibrant herb sprigs.

    Fun idea: Splash in some vodka if you want a grown-up, boozy version for a relaxing weekend mode. ;) This is a great drink for poolside hydration or sipping in the shade on a hot summer afternoon.

    Healthy Hydrating Cucumber Garnished Spa Water Made With Fresh Real Food Ingredients Herbs And Citrus

    Want a few more Clean Food Power facts?

    Fresh lemon juice is loaded with vitamin C and studies have been done on its use in reducing risk of kidney stones and aiding in weight loss. Both lemon and ginger root are loaded with antioxidants, which some experts are suggesting protect against premature aging and possibly depression and anxiety. Other benefits of ginger root include its use for nausea relief and efforts to improve digestion. Also containing antioxidants and vitamin C, fresh basil leaves provide vitamins K and A along with manganese, calcium, iron, and even omega-3 fatty acids.

    Drinking water is essential to a healthy life and staying hydrated doesn’t ever have to be boring. Pour up a glass (bottle or tumbler full), and enjoy a refreshing spa day style retreat in every sip! Hit our social channels and show us how you customize your pitcher full or cup garnish as you stay hydrated in a naturally flavorful and healthy way.


    Is is crazy we’re still making this beverage in the cold winter and just enjoying it warm instead of iced? 😂 the flavors are so uplifting!

    The Worthington Fam

    Been growing fresh herbs in a little countertop hydroponic system. This recipe will be great with them! Thanks for the idea. It sounds really refreshing!!

    Wilma Greene

    This was SOOO GOOD! Thanks


    I’ll take a glass!


    We’re MAJOR basil fans so this is right up our recipe alley! 🌿😍


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