Dandelion Blowing In The Breeze

Healthy Ways To Beat Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal allergies seem to occur in many seasons, not just the obvious ones. When things start blooming outdoors and pollen is flying around, allergies can go crazy. Millions of people around the world endure symptoms of watery, itchy eyes, scratchy throats, coughing, and sneezing. It’s healthy to get outdoors for fresh air and sunshine, but it’s far less enjoyable when you’re hit with a sneezing attack.

Dandelion Blowing In The Breeze

So, what can you do to limit the misery without missing out on nice days enjoyed outdoors? Here’s some suggestions and healthy ways to beat seasonal allergies. A lot has to do with your immune system.

Avoid Junk Food

Seasonal allergy symptoms are your body’s immune system overreacting to typically harmless substances—the pollen in the air. Boosting your immune system can offer your body the helpful support it needs in the fight against allergies.

At Terra Powders, we’re big on eating healthy, cooking meals at home with wholesome ingredients, and staying away from greasy fast food options or anything laden with preservatives.

When your body is already fighting seasonal allergies, loading it up with artificial colors, flavors, or processed sugar only pollutes your system giving it more to overcome. This forces your body to work harder worsening the allergy experience. Instead, fuel your body with supportive foods and nutrition that boosts your immune system!

Sip A Smoothie

Fruits and vegetables are important for our health. Mixing up a bunch in the blender is a great way to get a lot of nutrition in one delicious cup (or smoothie bowl). Beyond the berries and bananas, you can get a blast of extra healthy benefits by including additions like nut butter or chia seeds. Top it all off with coconut or sliced tiger nuts. All these immune boosting foods may help you fight the allergies more effectively as you’re sipping ingredients supportive to your system. Check out our Smoothie Favorites!

Healthy Naturally Colorful Smoothies With Fresh Fruits And Berries

Limit Stress

Lower stress levels are healthier for all of us, but to lower stress can be easier said than done—especially if you’re lying awake at night with a stuffy nose or spending the day trying to see through itchy, red eyes. Keeping stress levels down can help to keep inflammation down too.

Make time to get a bit of exercise, do some stretches, read a good book, listen to some music, or enjoy other wholesome activities that can help to calm you. Stress may increase histamine levels in your bloodstream which can make allergic reactions worse.

Stay Hydrated

It may feel like each sip causes a nasal flood, but drinking enough water is important and ensuring there’s enough water in your body can help flush out foreign substances like pollen. For flavor and a natural vitamin C boost, you can add lemon or lime to your glass. To top off your electrolytes try coconut water. It’s a super way to stay hydrated while giving your body antioxidants and minerals many people don’t get enough of with typical water.

Rest Well

Since our bodies repair and rejuvenate at night, getting good, solid sleep is important. It can be tough to rest well when you’re stuffed up or sneezing, but showering before bed can wash away allergens that have landed on your skin or hair throughout the day. Plus climbing into a bed made with freshly washed sheets also offers a more allergy friendly environment for sleeping soundly.

So while the world is coated in pollen and you hear a neighbor’s lawn mower every time you step outside whipping up grass, hopefully with these healthy tips for surviving seasonal allergies you’ll be able to enjoy a nice time outdoors.


thank you, I’d been researching healthy ideas for the season. really glad to find these reasonable & very doable ideas

rhonda curtis

Spring is barely even official yet this year & the allergens are already out there. 😒 Thanks for the good ideas. I want to give coconut water a try for those extra electrolytes 🧉

Casey W

The pollution levels in my area have really been high lately so I was Googling some ways to manage it healthily. It was refreshing to come across this. While the good ideas may be allergy based, these tips are reasonable and work really for overall well-being, I think including wellness in spite of air pollution.


so true….seasonal allergies are every season it seems. I use the smoothie idea all the time! Such a great way to get lots of nutrients in 1 big cup and boost immunity, especially important with the coronavirus going around

B. monakey

These ideas for helping with season allergy issues are helping us as we endure some bad air pollution lately where we live. Good, healthy concepts for all of us.

Marc Guidry

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