Healthy And Clean Grilled Foods On The BBQ Organic Asparagus Broccoli Yellow Summer Squash And Bratwurst

Healthy & Clean Grilled Food Methods

Nothing else quite captures the essence of grilled food, than actually cooking it out on the barbecue. Sure, you can come close, but that delightful signature “charred” flavor only comes from cooking on the barbie.

Healthy Grilling Organic Asparagus Yellow Summer Squash Bratwurst On The BBQ

Whether your household calls it barbecuing, barbequing, or simply a BBQ cookout—few things say summer as much as leisurely hanging out in the backyard while you’re cooking dinner. Really, depending on where you live and your level of grilled flavor fascination, you may be cooking out all year round.

So, Barbecue Beginners and Grilling Gurus, it’s time to take your steaks, seafood, burgers, and veggies to a whole new culinary level! Here’s our top tips for delicious and safe grilling, the clean food way.

Clean BBQ Eats Start With A Clean Grill

Maybe during your last cookout salmon skin stuck to the grill grates, but it’s time to clean it off. It’s easier to clean your BBQ when it’s hot, so grab a sturdy metal grill brush and clean those grill racks.

Make Time To Marinate

Marinating meats and vegetables can make a grilled dinner even more delightful. It may take a bit of planning to soak your dinner prospects for a few hours, but it is worth it! Himalayan pink salt and a bit of oil are the blank canvas for oh so many homemade marinade recipes, but when you want something really quick and clean, try our favorite marinades.

They’re simple ingredients, but super flavorful and ready to pour over and soak your soon-to-be-grilled foods. Be sure to marinate in the refrigerator to keep foods chilled enough for safe consumption later. It’s going to be really tender and tasty!

Preheat For Perfection

A preheated barbecue grill offers more evenly predictable heat for cooking, so let your grill reach the preheat temp before you put any food on. That simple preheating step also helps kill bacteria that may still be lingering on the grates.

Person Holding A Steak To Lay On Preheated Grill For BBQ Cooking In The Park With Organic Vegetables

Build Confidence, Be Safe

Be sure you have some protective mitts or grilling gloves nearby. Of course, you’ll want your grill safe utensils handy too. Some Grill Masters have found that a spray water bottle can be just what you need to tame the flames.

A good meat thermometer can provide another degree of safety, letting you know when foods have reached a safe temp and are ready to enjoy. All of this can heat up your confidence in a great way, whether you’re wearing a “Grill Boss” apron or not. ;)

Set The Spatula Down

It may take mega amounts of self control, but resist the urge to press those patties or constantly be moving the food around. What if the meat is stuck to the grill? Be patient. Seriously, just let them cook a bit more and they typically will unstick themselves when they’re ready to be flipped.

We know, that exciting burst of sizzling flame is quite the pyro display, but every time you press your spatula down on those patties, you’re squeezing out delicious, juicy flavor. Try to resist.

Get Saucy!

Grilling wings or drumsticks? Sauces can burn quickly, so to help avoid raw meat inside and burnt to a crisp outside, slather on your barbecue sauce during the last few minutes of cooking.

Once your grilled goods are ready and hot off the BBQ, take a break. When you give steaks five to 15 minutes to rest, it allows their juices to redistribute which means maximized flavor and juiciness.

So whether you’re grilling something tasty for yourself, the family, or cooking out for the whole neighborhood, with these grilling tips and practical methods, you’ll have healthy and clean grilled food every time!


I’ve always appreciated the mindful cooking method of grilling over charcoal. Placing the stones, heating them up and preparing food slowly with good conversation as the meal cooks.


we grill year around lol it can be snowing outside and we’re out there cooking away

em and cal

I didnt even realize you guys had such a fantastic blog until you sent a link to this in a newsletter to me. I’m scrolling back through other posts too now! :) Must try the egg roll in a bowl & the dragon coconut crusher drink. Looks delish!!

Jodynn H

Did not know that about pre-heating the grill first.

Trevor MacAdams

just in time for summer cookouts. These are great bbq ideas. Thanks!


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