Healthy Recipe Using Sweet Potatoes Did You Know These Potato Facts

Did You Know These Sweet Potato Facts?

Sweet, sweet, sweet potatoes. Ironically not potatoes at all, these distant spud relatives are actually roots. Often confused (or interchangeably sold) as yams, sweet potatoes offer a bright choice for wholesome side dishes, main dishes, and more. They pair well with pantry staples and dish up a healthy serving of nutrients every time.

Did You Know Healthy Food Facts About Sweet Potatoes Infographic From Terra Powders

A rich source of beta carotene and antioxidants, these orange color potatoes also contain two types of fiber—soluble and insoluble fibers—making them a gut friendly food to promote digestive health.

While being a source of healthy carbohydrates, in spite of sweet potatoes sweet name, thanks to all that fiber these root vegetables are lower on the glycemic index than regular white potatoes—meaning they’re less likely to create spikes in blood sugar levels.

You can find well known immune boosting vitamins, like vitamin C in sweet potato, along with vitamins B5 and B6 which play important roles of converting food into energy for your clean food powered life.

Packed with potassium, this heart healthy garden vegetable has an unlimited variety of recipes to fall in love with!

Sweet Potato Recipe Inspiration

First of all, you can eat sweet potato raw, so there’s an easy snack idea! Slice up some sweet potato spears (like you would use celery or carrot sticks) and enjoy them dipped in hummus, guacamole, or other homemade dips. Another great idea is to grate them raw right into coleslaw.

These rockstar roots make fantastic fries or sweet potato chips. Slice them and bake or air fry with a bit of cooking oil and seasonings such as pink salt, rosemary, or cinnamon.

Make mashed potatoes stand out during dinner parties with a bowl of vibrant mashed sweet potatoes! Peel, boil, and smash with your choice of butter or plant based milk for the ultimate creamy texture.

Healthy Side Dish Organic Mashed Sweet Potatoes Garnished With Walnuts

Got leftovers? A cooking hack to keep in mind is this: Cooked sweet potato adds moisture without fat, so this can come in handy for baked goods. Just stir some into your muffin batter, cookie or bread dough.

Create fall smoothie bowls all year long! Cooked sweet potatoes can be blended into super smoothies with a bit of ginger and nut butter. Garnish gorgeously with pumpkin seeds or hemp hearts.

Also being studied for their support of healthy vision and brain function, there really is a lot to love about sweet potatoes. Let us know how you’re using this versatile superfood while naturally fighting free radical damage and disease with every delicious bite!


Cooking some right now actually-part of tonight’s dinner.

Susan Guster

I think I need to eat more sweet potatoes 😜 great food facts thanks


Yes!! 💯LOVE sweet potato smoothies!!

Morgan Schick

We buy a bag of sweet potatoes practically every week. Such a great food! Easy to enjoy and so many ways, like you were saying, to use this super vegetable.

The Oglethorpe Fam

Sweet potato is delicious in Buddha bowls with avocado and hemp hearts-like you suggested. Ta-da easy vegan lunch.


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