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Did You Know These Lentil Facts?

Lentils may seem rather lowly, but these little legumes are loaded with superfood nutrition. One of the world’s oldest health foods, lentils have been a staple in diets around the globe—they’re affordable, shelf stable, and a smart food to keep in your pantry.

Terra Powders Lentil Infographic Did You Know These Healthy Facts About Lentils

Both hearty and heart healthy, lentils contain energizing iron, B vitamins, fiber, and potassium making them an ingredient to fall in love with as they offer support in managing cholesterol and blood pressure levels, and may even help maintain a steady heartbeat.

Along with their fiber and many micronutrients, lentils also contain naturally occurring prebiotics that feed gut flora making them superb for efforts in preventing gut diseases, maintaining a healthy gut, and overall better digestive processes.

Single ingredient, plant based, and naturally gluten free, lentils are a grain free, celiac friendly food. They’re also a popular vegan approved alternative to meats, working well in a variety of recipes.

Lentil Recipe Inspiration

What can you do to make lentils taste great and not be boring? Lentils come in a variety of colors—including brown, red, yellow, and green. Each type of legume can cook up a bit differently, but they tend to take on the flavors of the other ingredients in your recipes, so spice and season for ultimate taste!

Organic lentils are an excellent addition to soups and salads, but they’re also a super side dish all on their own. Beyond seasoning them, you can use wholesome dressings, clean curry paste, or homemade sauces to drizzle over a big bowl of lentils for a savory dish full of plant based protein and big flavor.

What if no amount of topping seems to do the trick and you just don’t love eating lentils? You can still benefit from these legumes' natural plant power with gluten free lentil pasta, lentil sofrito (ready to eat and full of big taste!), or flavorful quick cook pouches that combine lentils with other wholesome grains like quinoa and brown rice. Don’t forget about vegan mac and cheese that also puts these legumes in a comfort food setting that’s really hard not to love. ;)

For The Love Of Lentils Heart Shapes Made Of Various Colors Of Organic Lentil Legumes

Lentils can be lively and they’re a valuable addition to a budget friendly grocery shopping cart and healthy eating lifestyles of all sorts. From soups on a cold day to lentil loaf recipes, the possibilities are endless. Let us know how you love your lentils in the comments below.


Just simmered up a big pot of multi color lentil soup today. Love these healthy food facts,, thanks

The blackwells

we find ourselves using the green & red varieties most often


Lentil pasta is our favorite! Thanks for giving us even more healthy reasons to keep including these legumes in our diet :-)


We’d never heard of sofrito before you guys. How delicious it was!

The Teakmans


Zane Eckleson

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