Terra Powders Original Recipe For Butter Free Buffalo Chicken Pizza Using Primal Kitchen Dairy Free Buffalo Sauce

Butter Free Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Make buffalo pizza perfection! Our team loves crafting homemade pizzas with their families and when you use wholesome ingredients—even pizza can be pretty healthy.

Delicious Butter Free Buffalo Chicken Pizza With Cheese And Black Olives

While many buffalo sauces are loaded down with artificial flavors, unhealthy oils, preservatives, and so on, Primal Kitchen No Dairy Buffalo Sauce stands out as different. Often enjoyed on wings or as a savory dip, we’re cooking up buffalo chicken pizza with this crave worthy condiment.

Starting with a version of our Quick & Easy Pizza Dough Recipe, it’s game on for this feisty new pizza favorite!

Game Day Worthy Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Our versatile pizza dough recipe uses flour of your choice (gluten free, grain free, or simple organic whole grain). This pizza crust was a blend of organic King Arthur Flour, single ingredient Red Star Yeast, and a bit of coconut sugar to activate the yeast action and make our dough rise. (If you’re pressed for time and would rather top a ready made organic pizza crust, that’s totally fine too.)

Primal Kitchen Buffalo Sauce Is Perfect For Homemade Buffalo Chicken Pizza

We spread the pizza dough out on a lightly greased baking sheet and began topping. A drizzle of buffalo sauce was first on the delightfully doughy canvas. Lay down some already cooked organic chicken, followed by black olives, mozzarella, feta cheese, onion powder, and dried parsley, or whatever toppings you prefer most of all.

Drizzle more buffalo saucy goodness on the top and it’s time to bake that flavorful pizza pie. In a preheated oven at 400° we use the bottom oven rack for the first 10 minutes or so, then place in the mid of the oven for another 3-4 minutes baking time.

Terra Powders Butter Free Buffalo Chicken Pizza Served With Fresh Celery Sticks

Slide that mouthwatering butter free buffalo chicken pizza out of the oven and slice it up. We love pairing buffalo pizza with fresh celery sticks—and if you want some extra saucy goodness, pour up a dish of buffalo sauce for dipping and dunking in!




We’re making this again tonight! We love it so much. When Primal changed recipes from cashew to pumpkin seed butter we were worried the buffalo sauce wouldn’t be as creamy or flavorful, but we hardly even noticed the change. Still 100% fantastic Buffalo sauce goodness.

The Dovers

Delicious 100% family approved. There were no meal complaints. Very good recipe especially was easy on the organic crusts


I luv pizza!


Trying the buffalo sauce on pizza was a new recipe idea to us. That is AWESOME! Literally just made it and already want this dinner again, LOL. Thanks for the great idea. We need to order 3 bottles of this next time! 😂

Chandler H

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