The Differences Between Biltong Versus Beef Jerky Both High Protein Meaty Snacks

Biltong versus Jerky—What’s the Difference?

We take snacks seriously, so it’s time to talk about some protein packed meat snacks with some major flavor and strictly clean ingredients. (If you’re vegan, we’ve got options for you too, don’t worry!)

Most people have heard of beef jerky and meat sticks, but there’s a lot of brands selling beef biltong and hungry snackers are left wondering, “What’s the big difference between this biltong stuff and jerky? Aren’t they all meaty snacks?”

They are meat snacks—both great for munching on the go, road trips, camping, hiking, afternoon snacking at your desk…you get the point. Both jerky and biltong are delicious ways to power up and enjoy something satisfying and flavorful. But let’s get to the meaty bits.

Biltong vs. Beef Jerky

Beef jerky has a variety of chewy textures. Biltong is always thinly sliced pieces of meat. Both can be from happy, grass fed cows given no antibiotics or added hormones, but the meaty texture can make a big difference in beefy snacks.

  • Biltong is dry-aged with spices or marinades versus Jerky which is dehydrated, smoked, or low-heat cooked with spices and marinades.
  • Biltong is thinly sliced cuts of premium meat versus Jerky which can be a variety of cuts or pieces from various meat parts.
  • Biltong is purposely meat-forward in flavor versus Jerky which can have a stronger flavor that hides more of the meaty profile.
  • Biltong is often more nutritious versus Jerky that loses some nutrients through the difference in curing processes.

Close your eyes and imagine—well, you can’t really do that and keep reading, but work with us here—picture enjoying the lean protein of dry-aged beef jerky, with the tenderness and texture of prosciutto, and the complex beef flavor of steak tartare. That’s biltong.

Comparing Beef Jerky Biltong And Vegan Mushroom Jerky All Healthy Snack Choices From Terra Powders Clean Food Power Market

A Vegan Jerky? Yes.

Not everyone wants to chow down on beef and we understand that. Whether you’re strictly vegan or simply eating a more plant based diet, vegan jerky is a real thing.

Eat The Change has chef crafted meat free jerky made from mushrooms. Similar to beef jerky and biltong options, organic mushroom jerky is made with all the great flavors you’d find in jerky—just meat free. Think smokehouse BBQ, soy free teriyaki, and simple (but never boring) black pepper flavors.

Whether you’re a carnivore craving some meaty snack food options or a vegan looking for a craveable shroom jerky choice, we’ve got you all covered. We said we take snacks seriously. These paleo, keto, often Whole30 friendly foods are delicious to power up with.

From spring charcuterie spreads and summer beach day snacking to autumn backpacking adventures in the woods and winter munching curled up cozy by the fire—beef jerky, biltong, or mushroom jerky are ready for you to sink your teeth into. Try some of our unique flavors and let us know your favorites!


I need to order more this week. We favor the biltong & those perfect thin savory slices.

Chris & Alex M

We love all the biltong you carry! The thin slices, clean flavors. Next we wanna order the lemongrass jerky. That flavor really caught our attention & sounds great!

Jamin & Jess

We always love snacks that are clean ingredient, meaty proteins – usually keep a couple choices in the pantry cabinet for snacking.

The Worthington’s

We appreciate the meat snacks you guys carry are always so clean & without preservatives. A lot of jerky is too salty + a bunch of fake flavors & crud so always glad to try a new flavor when we know its safe lol. That umami one is our latest new taste & it was great!

The Shillings

Jerky..biltong..I’m good either way. Both protein picks I like snacking on backpacking trips.

Brian S

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